Professional Experiences

Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV), Lausanne, Switzerland

10.2020 – Present: IT Project Manager (Finance and Risk)

10.2020 – 12.2022 – Project Manager (Architecture and Method)

College of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg (HEIA-FR), Fribourg, Switzerland

01.2014 – 10.2020: Head of Smart & Innovative Services Group for HumanTech Institute

Head of a development team (5 people) | Team Manager

Development and management of industrial projects (4-5 projects/year) | IT Project Manager

01.2018 – 10.2020: Deputy Scientific Assistant

Contribution and development of various Bachelor/Master of Science courses| Lecturer

Contribution to various HES-SO and HEIA-FR research projects | IT Project Manager

05.2012 – 12.2018: Scientific Collaborator

Contribution to Software Engineering courses (Project Management, UML, Pattern, Information System) | Lecturer

Contribution to various research projects (HES-SO iNuit program, eGov Innovation Center, etc.) | Developer

01.2010 – 04.2012: Student Research Assistant

Assistant for the HumanTech Institute for various research projects | Developer

HE-ARC, Neuchatel, Switzerland

08.2016 – Present: Teacher

Module « Introduction au Web des données », Master of Advanced Studies in Rapid Application Development (MAS-RAD)

JOE-SO Sàrl, Lausanne, Switzerland

08.2019 – Present: CEO & Owner

 JOE-SI is a technological development company founded in 2019 based in Switzerland. It is composed of experts, researchers and developers in computer science and aims to provide companies innovative projects and products.

ILYGO Sàrl, Lausanne, Switzerland

06.2018 – Present: CEO & Owner

Strategic IT consulting | Development and IT solutions